Interview of two young UNICEF Ambassadors from Cameroon

“In our society, in our community there is many children without rights because of the crisis. Refugees, internally displaced people, their rights are not respected, sometimes they don’t have an identity, no birth certificates also because the parents are unaware. That’s why we started to advocate for those rights in our community.”

Marc, 11 ans

Thursday morning, The École had the chance to receive two young students from Cameroon. Amira is a 13 year old girl who is advocating for birth registration in her country.  She gave a speech at the UN on Wednesday. Marc is an 11 year old boy, internally displaced from a war zone. Both are UNICEF Youth Ambassadors and advocates

For this occasion, 7th graders prepared and recorded a radio interview. And All 4th, 5th and Middle school students were able to ask questions about children’s rights.

Congratulations to Sadbh and Angelin for conducting this amazing interview!


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