First All-school Radio Show

“Who has ever thought about travelling back in time?” Second Graders did it and they tell about it in this first cross-grade radio show!

The École launches a new cross-level Radio Program! On a regular basis, once per academic term, students from different grades will meet to record a radio broadcast after having written the script collaboratively in their respective class.

Last Thursday, students from 2nd to 7th grade, broadcasted together a first cross-level radio show!

In this show, hosted by Tristan (4th grade) you will learn about the school, the museum of New York City, ocean acidification and Hercules.


  • The École news by Faustin et Hadrien, CM2 – 1’05
  • A trip to the museum of the city of New York – Kuzey, Camille et Théo, 2nd grade B – 1’45
  • Jokes and guessing game – Lucas, Victor, Camille, Leila, Gloria, Anna et Thomas, 2nd grade A – 3’25
  • Chronique science: acidification des océans by Athéna and Sabrina, 7th Grade – 4’45
  • Chronique littéraire: les douze travaux d’Hercule par Céleste, 4th grade – 6’25

The École radio’s jingle by Rudolf Vernaz-Colas –

Bonne écoute!


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