Second All School Radio Show

”Did you know there are many famous African-American in history?”

Rachel – 2nd Grade

Second graders studied about it and they tell in this second cross-grade radio show!

In this show, hosted by Louisa (8th grade) you will learn about the school, Chinese food and culture, black history month and poetry.

– The École news by Thomas and Lea, 4th grade – 1’15
– Chinese food and culture by Athena and Sadbh, 7th grade – 3’40
– Black history month – Gustavo, Adrien, Ondine, Lelio, Nera, Emilie, Rachel et Lucien, 2nd grade – 6’45
– Poetries read by Alessio, Samuel, Annabelle and Augustin, 1st grade – 9’30

The École radio’s jingle by Rudolf Vernaz-Colas –

Bonne écoute!


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